(734) 365-9007
We are open for business!
A1 Moving is starting out with some smaller 2 bedroom and smaller moves!
At this point our rates are the same $70 per hour for 2 movers, $40 per hour for one mover
We are working with (1) Two Man Team or (1) helper
We have our limits with this smaller team, and smaller truck, but
We are consistant and reliable with an affordable price for movers
We charge $100 for the truck, plus gas!
Estimate about 10 miles per gallon with our heavy duty 14-foot box truck!
We will update soon! During our pause I've written two books that are available on Amazon right now I will post links! Send us an email at prong2002@gmail.com!
By the way, we are offering Very Important Customer Status to a limited number of person(s) willing to buy our books written by the owner, Timothy Nagel and review the work on Amazon book 1 One with God One With God by Timothy Nagel
OR Discrimination of a law-abiding Criminal Discrimination of the Law-Abiding Criminal by Timothy Nagel So Email us Send us an email at prong2002@gmail.com!
for more information!
A1 Moving will be honoring a $50 dollar discount (as well as VIP status) for customers who buy our book and review it on Amazon!
If you have Kindle Unlimited the first book, One With God by Timothy Nagel, is free!
Just call (or text) and give us your reservations (734-365-9007)
Thanks for your patronage!
Looking forward to doing business with you!
We look forward to working with you! To schedule a move with A1 moving simply call us or send us a text to 734-365-9007; and we'll follow-up! Thanks, Tim!